1.1 Sumar ~ Halló



Hey everyone! Tumblr user plumbawesim here with her legacy project. I’m going to attempt to take on the challenge of the Cultracy, made possible by zefiewings (please go read her blog, it’s amazing I promise!)

I’m combining her Cultracy with the Random Legacy Challenge.


This is our legacy founder, Melanie Pease. She is a brave bookworm who is a secret hopeless romantic. She loves to swim and is a tad over emotional. Her LTW is to be a Professional Author.

Generation 1 will be structured like so…

Marital Structure: Couple
Number of Kids: 3
Generational Goal: My hobby/obsession (choose a hobby for your sim, spend at least 5 sim hours a week pursuing the hobby)
Misc. Fun: My Precious (sim must create a collection and add to it at least once a week)

*I don’t start generational goal/misc. fun until the spouse is added so they’ll have goals to achieve together*

So as you can see from the pictures, the first generation will be living in Aurora Skies – a world based off of Iceland.


Welcome to your new home Melanie!

“…but it’s just a large field.”

Yes! Located at 9 Rock Ridge Road is a large empty field, all ready for you to build your legacy house from the ground up…literally!


“Well it’s not much, but as long as there’s somewhere for me to write I should be okay.”

Melanie’s house is sparsely furnished (and nothing matches because I was too lazy) but considering most legacy founders literally start with nothing, I can’t say that she’s doing too badly.




7 thoughts on “1.1 Sumar ~ Halló

  1. Aww! Mel is such a doll. She sounds like me a bit. “What? Talk to people? But…I have very important things to do here on my computer and with my books.” >.>

    I’ve been interested in doing a randomacy for a while…but I don’t want to start a second story. It will be great seeing a melding of this challenge and mine.

    Will you be making a list of cultures to roll randomly in the spirit of that challenge or choose the culture yourself?

    I noticed your chapter title. ;)

    I can’t wait to read the next part!

    Oh! And I can’t seem to comment on your home page by the way.

    • Yeah I really like the randomacy challenge because it keeps the gameplay from getting too repetitive and boring. :)

      I think I might make a list and roll but I have some time to think about it and change my mind when the time comes.

      Yay! I hoped you wouldn’t be upset that I modeled my chapter titles after yours…it was just such a good idea that I couldn’t resist!

      And I don’t know why you can’t comment on the home page :/ I’ll have to go check that out. But thank you so much for reading ^_^

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