1.2 Haust ~ örlög


“Yeah I’d love to hang out tonight! Where at?”

It’s now fall and Melanie is now making about 400 simoleans in royalties, so she is treating herself to a night out with Angelica. New in Aurora Skies is Disco Nights! – the hottest (and only) disco club for miles.


The first thing Melanie did when she arrived was wish to get a drink. And then another. And then three. I think she’s becoming a budding alcoholic.

“Shut up, you’d want it too if you were writing nonstop for the past few days. I’m so stressed out.”


Don’t you want to go roller skating or dancing with Angelica? She’s waiting downstairs all by herself.

“Just one more…”

But finally Melanie went downstairs.


ANGELICA: “Hey girl, what’s shakin’?”

Melanie and Angelica chatted for a while before hitting the dance floor. They danced for a few sim hours before Angelica had to make a hasty exit. But before she left, she gave Melanie a hug and was promoted to her best friend!

“Well, now that she’s gone there’s no reason for me to stick around the club anymore is there?”

Hmmmm…well I wouldn’t say that.


*gasp* “It’s football boy! Fate must have brought him here tonight.”

Yes. That’s it. Fate. But maybe this time you’ll go and properly introduce yourself to him.

?????: “Hey there, wanna dance?”

Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was his adorable face, but Melanie found herself dancing with this guy until the early hours of the morning.

Did you at least get his name this time?

“Too tired. Too juiced.”

But Melanie was really happy to find a certain surprise waiting for her at home…


“I have a real bedroom now!”

The days of sleeping in the kitchen are now over. Melanie had just enough to make the necessary expansion (and I mean she was down to about 50 simoleans). This is probably the house that will stay until she brings home a spouse and a second source of income.

6 thoughts on “1.2 Haust ~ örlög

    • I did haha. He was actually going to be a part of a different legacy project but the game was too bugged to continue so I decided to rename him and use him here :)

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