1.4 Vor ~ Brúðkaup


It’s the day before Melanie and Jakob’s wedding. The weather has been looking quite promising so hopefully there won’t be any showers on the big day. But for now, it will be good enough for a date.

And where else would the happy couple go besides the Spring Festival.


JAKOB: “It looks like a machine that measures your love.”

MELANIE: “Do you think it actually works?”

JAKOB: “Well there’s really only way to find out.”

Jakob fiddles with the lever and the machine spat out the message It’s getting hot up in here, get a room you two.

MELANIE: “Haha, oh gosh. I guess it’s meant to be after all. Even this love tester knows.”


JAKOB: “Yayyy!”

MELANIE: “Oh, is that a kissing booth? Come on Jakob let’s go check it out.”


Melanie got behind the booth started waving.

MELANIE: “Open for business, open for business! Hello sir would you like a kiss?”

???????: “I sure would pretty little lady.”

MELANIE: “Oh. Um. I’m not actually working the booth…I’m just teasing my fiance. Wow this is awkward.”


??????: “So I can’t have a kiss?”

JAKOB: “You most certainly can not.”

??????: ):


MELANIE: “My hero!”

JAKOB: “Do heroes get rewarded?”

MELANIE: “Of course they do.” *smooch* Now let’s go dance! I hear that the best dancers get elected King and Queen.


After dancing their booties off, Jakob and Melanie decided to play a friendly game of horseshoes. Which they both were terrible at.



Melanie ended up winning and then the day was turning into night. The couple parted ways, both excited about their upcoming wedding date.

5 thoughts on “1.4 Vor ~ Brúðkaup

  1. Oh! The first generation’s wedding is always so special. *sniff* and it was really beautiful.
    Mel looked great in her dress. And that was some bachelorette party. lol I’ve never seen them actually strip before. And it’s cute that she is friends with your simself.

    I’m so enjoying this story. I can’t wait for the kids!

    • Thanks! I love planning Sim weddings :D

      I’ve already played up to the birth of their first baby and it’s going to turn out to be such a cutie ;D

      • Oooh! I can’t wait!

        That’s the hardest part for me, I always play too much and then I’m behind on posting. So I have to ‘ground’ myself from playing until I catch up with chapters. lol

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