1.5 Sumar ~ Ungbarn


RECEPTIONIST: “Hello, welcome to Hobert’s Hideaway, my name is Christine, how can I help you today?”

MELANIE: “We’re here for our honeymoon, reservations under Pease. With an ‘s’ not a ‘c.’

RECEPTIONIST: “For a Mrs and Mr Pease, 3 days, 2 nights?”

JAKOB: “That’s right!”

RECEPTIONIST: “Alrighty. Here’s your room key. Towers include room and spa services. Buffet and bar are open 24 hours, and water equipment rental is over by the surf station. Please enjoy your stay.”

Yes, Jakob and Melanie need a little R&R before they go back to reality, so I shipped them off to Isla Paradiso for a 3 day honeymoon. I also did a few much needed refurbishments on this hotel…


Simple but pretty. Perfect for the Pease family. The first thing they wanted to do was walk across the firepit.


JAKOB: “Ooh, ah, eeh, hot hot.”


MELANIE: “Ow, ow ow hot.”

Maybe I should’ve set the heat a little lower…

‘Gee, you think?’

No need to be snippy Melanie.


Naturally, if there’s a bar on the lot Melanie wants to get drinks (budding alcoholic, remember?) so I sent them upstairs.

‘It’s not my fault that all the drinks taste so good. Plus, I’m on my honeymoon. I do what I want.’

That you do.

After drinks, the couple needed a little more relaxation so they went to the spa area


They enjoyed spending time in the steam sauna.



And they gave each other massages. Very romantic!


They had a nice meal in the buffet area which had nine tables of varying options.

MELANIE: “Lobster thermidor, tri-tip steak, and grilled salmon. I don’t think I could go back to eating mac and cheese after this…you don’t happen to cook do you?”

JAKOB: “I can only burn waffles.”

And their first night was finished with looking at the stars.


JAKOB: “Look up there. It’s the big dipper. And over there is the little dipper. And that big, bright one is the North Star.”

MELANIE: “Wow, it’s beautiful.”


JAKOB: “Doesn’t hold a candle to you.”

MELANIE: “Oh, you. That’s…really sweet. You’re making me blush.”

2 thoughts on “1.5 Sumar ~ Ungbarn

  1. Mel and Jakob had SO MUCH fun on their little honeymoon! That was super cute and I loved reading it! YAY! Babies are on the way! I’m so excited! Oooh! I love little Pétur, he’s so adorable! The new pup is too cute too! Aw, your sitter was soo cute! My sims, even though rode in the hot air balloon, didn’t have woohoo actions! I think they might’ve been too tired, but still. YAY! I hope there’s a new bundle of joy soon! No that Pétur isn’t totally awesome. I’m so glad you had a nice sitter!

    • Yay I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I’m so excited to see Pétur as a toddler! And I’m so glad I had a nice sitter too. Most of them just sit around or take my baby’s candy :C so I’m glad this one was good.
      And following the randomacy there will be 2 more kids in this generation! Hooray! :D

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