1.6 Haust ~ Tvíburar


Yay a birthday cake! The Pease family is finally celebrating their first birthday of the game. And who’s birthday is it you may ask?


It’s baby Pétur’s toddler birthday! (sorry about the down wall). Today he is going to grow up into an adorable toddler, and so I had Melanie call up a few of her closest friends to come and celebrate with them.


And instead this little party crasher shows up instead. Who are you kid; go home.


No one was more supportive than dad on this special day.

JAKOB: *toots horn* woo!

MELANIE: “Time to blow out the candles now”

And here is pre-makeover Pétur! He inherited his daddy’s blonde hair and blue eyes!


And here is the little cutie post makeover:


I bet he’s going to grow up into a really cute sim if his toddler looks mean anything. I think he might be a copy of Jakob though…



Here’s a picture of his nursery. I’ve changed their house like three times now but I think I’m finally satisfied with it.



JAKOB: “Pétur is really such a cute kid.”

MELANIE: “Yeah, I think we did really well.”

JAKOB: “So…how many more do you think we could handle?”


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