1.6 Haust ~ Tvíburar

Yay a birthday cake! The Pease family is finally celebrating their first birthday of the game. And who’s birthday is it you may ask? It’s baby Pétur’s toddler birthday! (sorry about the down wall). Today he is going to grow up into an adorable toddler, and so I had Melanie call up a few of […]

1.5 Sumar ~ Ungbarn

RECEPTIONIST: “Hello, welcome to Hobert’s Hideaway, my name is Christine, how can I help you today?” MELANIE: “We’re here for our honeymoon, reservations under Pease. With an ‘s’ not a ‘c.’ RECEPTIONIST: “For a Mrs and Mr Pease, 3 days, 2 nights?” JAKOB: “That’s right!” RECEPTIONIST: “Alrighty. Here’s your room key. Towers include room and […]

1.4 Vor ~ Brúðkaup

It’s a beautiful Spring evening in Aurora Skies. The snow was just beginning to melt, so there was still a nip in the air. But this didn’t stop Melanie and Jakob from enjoying their date night. MELANIE: “So the Bjorn Cafe is really known for their specialty grasshopper pie so I think I might get […]

1.3 Vetur ~ Snjókorn

The snow flurries and holiday lights can only mean one thing. Winter has finally arrived! The time to cuddle up inside with a cup of hot chocolate and sit by the fire. Snowball fights, snow angels, and Snowflake Day. Melanie, aren’t you excited about the coming of winter? “I’d be happier with a holiday bonus.” […]

1.2 Haust ~ örlög

“Yeah I’d love to hang out tonight! Where at?” It’s now fall and Melanie is now making about 400 simoleans in royalties, so she is treating herself to a night out with Angelica. New in Aurora Skies is Disco Nights! – the hottest (and only) disco club for miles. The first thing Melanie did when […]

1.1 Sumar ~ Halló

Hey everyone! Tumblr user plumbawesim here with her legacy project. I’m going to attempt to take on the challenge of the Cultracy, made possible by zefiewings (please go read her blog, it’s amazing I promise!) I’m combining her Cultracy with the Random Legacy Challenge. This is our legacy founder, Melanie Pease. She is a brave bookworm who is a […]