Rules and Scoring

Hello everyone! So the Pease family legacy is a blend of Pinstar’s original 10-gen legacy, zefiewings’s cultracy, and the random legacy challenge plus a few of my own rules and challenges. I do this to keep play style interesting and to avoid too much repetition (as what usually happens by my 4th and 5th generations). So, without further ado, here is my list of rules :)


1. You must buy the biggest lot in the world you’re playing in. If you choose to move to a different world for the culture, you must still buy the biggest lot.

2. Your founder and all heirs must be self-employed. You can’t repeat a career unless you’ve gone through all of them, if you do subtract a point. An extra challenge would be to roll for which self-employment career your sim takes.

3. Spouses can only have part time jobs until the fifth generation.

4. You must do the randomacy roll AFTER the heir is chosen.

5. All traits must be determined via the inhericy rule (read below)


1 point for each generation born/culture introduced (max. 10 pts)

1 point for each unique LTW accomplished (max. 86 pts)

1 point per every 100,000 lifetime happiness points achieved

1 point per every $100,000 net worth (legacy house + family funds) (max. 20 pts)

1 point per family portrait

1 point per sim who received all traits with the inhericy rule created by zefiewings

1 point for maxing out a unique self-employed career (bands/moonlighting mixologists/day care/Showtime careers can count as self-employed since you’re basically doing them on your own time)

1 point for each unique maxed out part time job (max. 3 pts UNLESS you have Twallen’s CareerMod)

1 point per maxed out skill NOT relating to LTW or job

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